Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Playdate Time! (Photostory)

Hello Barbie Lovers!
Today I'm going to do my very first photo story! First I'm going to put a picture of each Barbie that is in the photo story, and tell you what that Barbie's name is.  Here we go!

Mrs. Delaney or Janet





I hope you like the photo story.  Here it goes!

Mom:  "It's such a nice day, isn't it?"
Dad:  "Yeah, it's really nice."
{Ring, ring goes the telephone.}

Mom:  "Oh, I better get the phone!"

Mom:  "Hello!  Oh, hi Janet!  Yes, of course Stacy can come over.  What kind of meeting is it?  Well, we'll see you soon.  Alright, bye."

{Mom putting the phone away.}

Mom:  "Jess, please come down here."

Jess:  "Yes mom?"
Mom:  "Your friend Stacy is coming over."
Jess: "Yaaaaaay!"
{Ding dong; the doorbell rings.} 
Jess:  "I'll get it!"

Jess:  "Hi Stacy, hi Mrs. Delaney!  Come on in!"

Stacy:  "Oh my gosh!  I'm so excited!"
Jess:  "I know, me too!  Lets go to my room!"

 Stacy:  "So, what should we do?"
Jess:  "Let's ride the horsey!"
Stacy: "Good idea!"

Stacy:  "Weee heeeeee!  Giddy up horsey!"

  Stacy:  "Good horsey.  It was nice riding with you today."

Stacy:  "Wwwwooooow!"

Stacy:  "Yikes!  Sorry!"

 Jess:  "Don't worry about it.  Mom will fix it later!  Lets go play doll house!"

Stacy:  "Can I be the mom?"
Jess:  "Sure.  I'll be the baby.  Now, lets start! Waaa waaaa!"
Stacy:  "Baby, I'm coming!"
Jess:  "This is kinda boring since there's only two people.  Lets play something else!"

Stacy:  "Let's use your cool table as a stage, and pretend we're famous singers having a concert."

Jess and Stacy:  "Welcome to our concert everyone!  Today we're going to sing for you!  La,lalalalalala, lalalala!"

  Jess:  "Now, let's play with my stuffed animal, Pug!"

Stacy:  "Pug, do you wanna have me and Jess pull you on the wagon?"

 Jess:  "Pug, aren't you having fun?  You know what Pug needs?  Clothes!"
Stacy: "Great idea!"

Jess:  "Stacy, come look at this stuff!  There are some great things in here!"

Stacy:  "Wow, you're right!  Oooh, Pug could wear this, or this, or......"
Mom:  "Girls, it's time for Stacy to go home." 

 Jess:  "We better go downstairs.  It's time for you to go home."

 The girls made such a mess!

 Stacy:  "Hi, Mommy!"
Mrs. Delaney:   "Oh, hi Sweetie!  Did you have a good time?"
Stacy:  "Yeah!  We had so much fun!!!!"

Mrs. Delaney:  "Thank you so much for having her!  It means a lot."
Mom:  "No problem!  The girls had a great time."
Mrs. Delaney:  "Well, we better get going.  Thanks so much!"

Jess:  "Bye Mrs. Delaney!  Bye Stacy!"

The End!

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  1. Hi Lindsay!

    Great photostory!

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