Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Lost A Tooth! (Photostory)

Hello Barbie Lovers!

Today I'm going to do another photo story!  Most of the Barbies I'm using in this photo story are dolls that I have already used in my other photo story.  So, I'm keeping their names the same for this photo story as I did in the last photo story.  There is only one Barbie I haven't used in the photo story; she is a fairy.  She will be referred to as the Tooth Fairy.  Here's the photo story!

 Jess:  Better brush my teeth!  Oooow!  Huh, I lost a tooth!

 Jess:  Mommy, Mommy, I lost a tooth!

 Mom:  Oh, sweetie, that is so exciting!

Mom:  So, Sweetie, how did you loose your tooth?

Jess:  Well, I was brushing my teeth, and then something hurt, really badly.  So then I spit out my toothpaste, and my tooth came out with it.  I was sooo lucky it didn't go in the drain!

Mom:  Well, that's quite an event!  It's time for you to go to bed.  I'll tuck you in.

Jess: OK.

Mom:  Alright, get a good sleep.  Did you put your tooth under your pillow?

Jess:  Yep!  I'm all ready for the tooth fairy to come!

Mom:  That's great!  Now, it's time for you to go to bed!

Jess:  OK, Mommy!  Love you!

Mom: Love you too!

Tooth Fairy:  OK, it looks like she's sleeping.  I better get that tooth and go!  I've got somewhere to be.

Tooth Fairy:  OK, got it!  Now that was a success!  Better run!

Jess:  I wonder if the tooth fairy came!  I should check my pillow!

 Jess:  Yay, she came!  Mommy, the tooth fairy came!

I hope you liked it!  I had lots of fun making this photo story!  If you noticed my blog design changed it is because Rose from Rosey Red Designs is designing my blog!  Thanks Rose!


  1. Please keep blogging photo stories! Ur great at them! :)

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    1. That's such a cool website! Thanks for telling me about it!